Trust the leading experts in basal implant dentistry.

For a person who has been a smoker or who has bone problems, teeth are a cause for concern. We can help with an innovative technique that will help to restore teeth in a perfect way. It’s called basal implantology and it’s going to be your greatest ally from now on.


Immediate loading basal implant

The immediate loading basal implant is an implant designed to adapt and integrate into minimal bone, thus avoiding bone grafts and elevations of the sinus floor, achieving with minimal intervention, without scalpel and without stitches, a fixation to the basal bone, allowing fixed prosthesis in record time.

Immediate loading basal implants are indicated for all types of patients, with more performance in extreme cases that require two or three interventions and ten or more months of treatment to achieve the same result.

With this, it is possible to replace from a single piece to all the pieces of the mouth, with fixed prostheses of metal, porcelain or zirconium, giving a comfort and naturalness that cannot be achieved with fixed and resin prostheses.

Oliver and Alcazar

This technique has been used for more than ten years in our clinic, and with more than nine thousand implants (of this type placed) with great satisfaction of our patients, who enjoy their definitive prosthesis, long before the rest of their relatives and acquaintances.

Doctors Gómez Oliver and Gómez Alcazar, dentists with extensive experience, will be able to advise you on the ideal treatment for your case, with the least discomfort and in the shortest time.




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