Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

TMJ-related problems

Joint clicking, teeth grinding, masticatory pressure… TMJ. It is a consequence of human evolution and, with it, of aesthetics.

The TMJ has been modified by hypoplasia (decrease) of the size of the upper and lower jaw. The chewing of increasingly soft foods in smaller and smaller pieces is responsible for this. The teeth, however, have not decreased so much in size and that is why the famous “wisdom tooth” has no space.

The aesthetics with orthodontics, the stress of this society, genetics, LOSS OF TEETH and evolution…, have as a consequence an alteration of the TMJ that causes pain, clicking, dislocations, arthrosis, wear of the dental pieces and BRUXISM.


At Clínica Oliver y Alcázar we solve these cases with different techniques, depending on the specific problem of each patient and their age.

– Selective milling

– Replacement of lost parts

– Discharge splints

– TMJ Rehabilitation

– Modification of the dental seal

With this we manage to relocate the joint in its correct position and make the discomfort disappear.

Your case has a solution! Rely on our experience and technology.

Make an appointment now and improve your quality of life.

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