Reasons to opt for dental bleaching

Tooth whitening has become an alternative in cosmetic dentistry.
cosmetic dentistry
highly sought after and highly effective cosmetic dentistry.

With the passage of time, teeth tend to lose their original color, as there are foods (such as those containing red pigments), beverages (such as carbonated beverages and coffee) and habits (smoking is the most harmful) that tend to stain or yellow teeth.

In the face of these stains and stains, dental hygiene, although it makes a significant contribution, is not enough. Therefore, it is worth considering how a tooth whitening treatment can achieve optimal results.

What does teeth whitening consist of?

This is a dental esthetic treatment designed to lighten the teeth, so that they will progressively recover their natural white color.

One of its peculiarities is that it can be performed both in the dental clinic and at home. In any case, the supervision of a medical professional is essential.

In both cases, gels with concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide are applied.

The effectiveness of the treatment, carried out in the clinic, is much greater given the difference in concentration of the gels used, in addition, in this case, its effects can be enhanced by photoactivation (intense light).

The effectiveness of whitening performed by professionals is much higher.

In any case, it is advisable to reinforce the whitening treatment at home, which consists of applying the gels in a splint and repeating the treatment on successive days, always under the supervision of a specialist.

It should be noted that tooth whitening is a painless and harmless treatment.

In short, we can point out that opting for dental whitening means ensuring the aesthetics of the smile.




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