Orthodontics for all ages

It is the technique by which malposition and alignment defects of the dental pieces are corrected by means of fixed and removable appliances to obtain a correct masticatory function and harmonic esthetics of the mouth. In many occasions, this irregular alignment can come from the first eruption of the teeth, but its correction and treatment can be carried out at any time, even in advanced ages.

Custom orthodontics

In all orthodontic cases, our specialists will evaluate each particular case, performing a preliminary orthodontic study in which photographs, measurements and radiographic study of the mouth are taken, which will determine what type of treatment is most appropriate for each patient.

At Oliver & Alcazar we use different orthodontic techniques, from the most advanced Invisalign ® to the most traditional metal and sapphire brackets.

Plastic or invisible orthodontics

Invisalign® corrects and straightens teeth with virtually invisible and removable aligners. It is the ideal alternative to braces treatment, for those people who are concerned about their image since no one will notice they are wearing them. As you change the set of aligners, approximately every 2 weeks, your teeth will gradually move into the correct position. Invisalign does not interfere with your daily life; they can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.

Dentomaxillofacial orthopedics

This type of treatment is used in patients with some type of skeletal problems, either deficiencies or excesses, where the bone is stimulated to redirect the direction of its growth. At Oliver & Alcazar we use special devices to slow or develop growth that are also used in the treatment of children, before they complete their physical development.

  • Disjunction.
  • Maxillary and mandibular orthopedics.
  • Mandibular advancement appliances

Conventional orthodontics

Multibracket fixed appliances (metal and sapphire):

Multibrackets are fixed metallic (gray) or sapphire (white) appliances that are cemented to each of the teeth and are connected to each other by a wire or arch that allows us to generate tooth movement. At Oliver&Alcazar we use the following techniques:
  • MBT Technique
  • Roth technique

Low friction multibracket fixed appliances:

These are state-of-the-art brackets that, combined with high-tech wires, create a system of light forces and low friction that allows tooth movement to be faster and more efficient.
  • Tip-edge plus technique
  • Damon Technique
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