Latest technology

Latest technology in dental care

At Oliver y Alcazar we have the latest techniques and equipment to diagnose and treat all types of oral problems in a faster, less invasive way and with much greater comfort for the patient.

Conscious Sedation
Guided Surgery

Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation is indicated in patients who require dental work or long-term interventions or surgeries and in which the patient feels fear or presents anxiety scenarios.

It can be performed: Nitrous oxide, nasal route that relaxes the patient and whose recovery is very fast or intravenous route. It is a simple technique that relaxes the patient so that he/she does not feel any sensation during the procedure, but always maintaining awareness and verbal communication between the professional and the patient.

Guided surgery

It is used in the treatment with dental implants. Computer-guided surgery is one of the most advanced planning techniques, which allows a previous visualization of how to place the implants virtually on the computer. After the patient has undergone a radiographic study by means of an oral scanner (CT), a three-dimensional image of the patient’s jaw is obtained. The data obtained are entered into the computer program that generates two- and three-dimensional reconstructions of the patient’s mouth. At this point we can simulate the operation, which will allow us to place the implants in the optimal position to achieve perfect esthetics and function and maximum use of the bone.


Dental CT has revolutionized implantology and dentistry in recent years. It is used in the treatment of dental implants and endodontics, as well as for diagnosing alterations in dental and bone infection cysts. Dental CT allows us to greatly reduce the time that elapses from diagnosis until the patient is fitted with the implant. This high-precision technology provides a three-dimensional image of the patient’s mouth as well as the amount of bone in a specific point of the jaw, which is essential for an effective diagnosis and successful treatment.


Orthopantomography or panoramic radiography is a radiological technique that represents, in a single film, a general image of the jaws, jaw and teeth.

It is of primary use in oral surgery, implantology, orthodontics, periodontics and oral and dental pathology treatments to make a correct diagnosis of the patient’s pathology.

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