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Visiting the dentist at least once a year prevents more serious pathologies. We are talking about general dentistry, which is in charge of solving the primary problems that have to do with the mouth, teeth and related structures and generally represents the patient’s first visit to the dental professional.

In this sense, the treatments we offer at Oliver y Alcazar are very diverse, in most cases, simple, painless and even some of them can be performed in a single session with excellent results.

What are the most common diseases treated by general dentistry?

Conservative dentistry is dentistry that repairs areas damaged by decay and other conditions, cleaning and treating the damaged part without affecting the rest of the tooth. The treated area will be sealed to complete the treatment with a filling.

Endodontics consists of removing the nerve of the tooth or dental pulp and its subsequent filling, if the piece is not very damaged. Otherwise, a prosthesis consisting of a pin and a sheath should be made. For a correct diagnosis, it is necessary in all cases to perform an X-ray of the affected tooth.

Professional dental cleaning or dental prophylaxis is one of the most demanded treatments in dentistry. Removing tartar and stains that are on the teeth or under the gums is a procedure that can only be performed by a licensed professional or dental hygienist. Dental prophylaxis is a procedure that fulfills an important preventive function, relevant to the prevention of some dental diseases.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day, for at least 2 minutes, taking care not to allow more than 15 minutes between brushing and the end of the meal, and floss daily to remove plaque deposited between the teeth and under the gum.
Have regular dental check-ups (every 6 months). Prevention helps to avoid more serious pathologies.
Eat a balanced diet avoiding foods high in starches or sugars.
Use dental products containing fluoride, including toothpaste.
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