Dental Tourism

Oliver & Alcazar: Dental Tourism in Madrid

Thanks todental tourism we can connect patients from other countries with our dental clinic. We offer absolute guarantees at a professional level. Take advantage of your stay in Spain to undergo dental treatment.

At Oliver & Alcazar we have the latest technology that allows us to solve the dental problems of our patients in a short period of time and, in addition, with budgets very adapted to the patients.

We are pioneers in Spain in the placement of immediate load dental implants. Faster, less invasive implants, recommended for patients with little bone.

Dental treatment without borders

At Oliver & Alcazar we are flexible when it comes to planning and customizing our dental treatments to adapt to your stay in our country. All this in the shortest possible time and in just a few visits.

More and more tourists are coming from Europe to take advantage of their vacation period in Spain to have dental treatments.

These are not the only reasons. We have extraordinary professionals, very high quality standards and truly competitive prices compared to their countries of origin.

Specialists in dental tourism

At Oliver & Alcazar we have more than 35 years of experience caring for the oral health of our patients. We currently receive and treat foreign patients, adapting our treatments to their times and needs.



We offer you state-of-the-art implantology, orthodontics and esthetic dental care.


Latest Technology

Dental equipment and the most advanced technology for a faster, less invasive and more effective diagnosis.


Our team

During more than 30 years in implantology we have placed more than 23,000 implants, most of which are basal and immediate load.

Immediate loading implants in a single operation

Pioneers in Spain in the placement of this type of implants that work for 99.5% of the cases we receive, in a single intervention and with a high durability over time. Once the diagnosis and study of the patient has been carried out, we place the implants adapted and personalized to the patient’s anatomy, to make a fixed metal/porcelain prosthesis or porcelain and/or zirconium prosthesis.

Recommended even for cases of extreme bone loss. Painless, non-bleeding and less invasive.


What our patients say

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