Cortical implants

Cortical implants

Cortical implants are a novelty and the latest addition to the Oliver & Alcazar clinic. With them we can achieve that 100% of the patients can enjoy a smile with a fixed prosthesis on implants. The results are achieved in a minimum time, since this type of implants maintain the same quality as the rest of the implants we place: they are immediately loaded.

Adaptable to any type of patient

Cortical implants do not require the entire dental bone. They are attached to the cortical zone, the densest part of our bone structure. Thanks to a few small screws, a great consistency is achieved, able to withstand chewing to perfection.

One of the characteristics to be highlighted is the adaptability to any patient. This is achieved by the specific design of the fastener to be worn. As they are malleable, we can shorten them, fix them with shorter or longer screws, depending on the patient’s bone conditions.

How is the treatment performed?

The treatment is performed with a small intervention. At the time it is sutured and measurements are taken to proceed with the placement of the provisional prosthesis. After approximately two weeks, the prosthesis is removed and the definitive prosthesis is placed.

It can be done with conscious sedation, considerably reducing the patient’s discomfort and making it minimal. This type of implant dentistry is minimally invasive. There is no need for sinus bone elevation, bone grafting or distraction of the tooth. With cortical implants we can take advantage of the residual bone to place them, providing greater comfort to patients.

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