Basal implants

Basal and immediately loaded implants

The basal implants are placed in the basal area of the bone, which is the area that is never resorbed, otherwise we would totally lose the jaws. It makes the most of small spaces thanks to its design and its connection to the cortical part of the bone which is the hard part and we achieve with them a very high primary stability, we can make immediate loading and place the provisional prosthesis at the same time, which is a very important advantage compared to traditional implants. The definitive prosthesis will be placed after 2 or 3 weeks, depending on whether extractions have to be made and the number of pieces to be placed. A full mouth rehabilitated with this type of implants, if no extractions have to be made, in 16 days is already finished with the definitive prosthesis.


The design of these implants changes, varies, evolves. They are implants with a shape similar to that of a corkscrew, which gives it the functionality of adhesion to the bony walls of the bone, managing to join a cortical, two or three corticals that will give primary stability.

As an example, it is as if in a concrete block, the classic implant is placed in the center of a fresh cement, we have to wait for the cement to set. This implant is fixed to the walls of the concrete block so that the primary stability we have is much greater.

Why this technique is developed by few professionals

Thirty years ago when Dr. Gómez Oliver began placing dental implants in Madrid, many dental professionals did not believe in the viability of implants because it was a little known technique. As we have already mentioned, classic implants are still a valid solution, but the solution of the future is the basal or compressive implants with immediate loading. And Oliver & Alcázar is betting on them.

Advantages of immediate load implants

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