Dental implants in Madrid

Dental Implantology in Madrid

In our dental implant clinic in Madrid we are in constant evolution and innovation since more than 30 years ago, when we started with dental implants. We were specialized in dental implants, which today we can call “classic” with a volume of more than 23,000 treatments with excellent results and full satisfaction of our patients.

In 2005, a new type of implants appeared on the market that require less bone, are less invasive, less painful and solve the problem of missing teeth in a simpler way, without complications of sinus floor elevations and without the need for bone grafts, which both work but are more traumatic, require more time, more painful, more disabling for patients and more expensive because it requires first the creation of the bone and then the placement of the implant.


The new immediate load dental implants called basal or compressive dental implants differ in their design from the traditional ones and help us to take advantage of the small bone spaces to place them. Pioneers in Spain in the placement of this type of implants and one of the few dental professionals in the practice of this novel technique, we can be proud of having performed more than 9,000 basal or compressive implants and above all the satisfaction of our patients.

These types of implants are less aggressive, they can be used in patients who are being treated with oral anticoagulants, sintron type … they are implants that as there is no bleeding there is no problem in diabetics, they do not produce inflammation, nor incapacitation to the patient, the patient leaves with a provisional prosthesis fixed on the implants. All are advantages, the cost is similar but the period of implant integration is much shorter, the loading is done immediately, the pain is much less and in a session of 1 hour a patient can have 8 implants placed and already have the provisional implants in place.

Why this technique is developed by few professionals

Thirty years ago when Dr. Gómez Oliver began placing dental implants in Madrid, many dental professionals did not believe in the viability of implants because it was a little known technique. As we have already mentioned, classic implants are still a valid solution, but the solution of the future is the basal or compressive implants with immediate loading. And Oliver & Alcázar is betting on them.

Advantages of immediate load implants

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