Dental implants and anticoagulants are no longer enemies

Implantology treatments at Oliver & Alcazar are less invasive and less traumatic, performed without scalpel and with virtually no bleeding. Patients who are under treatment with anticoagulants can opt for dental implant treatment as long as they inform the dental professional and follow an ambulatory control of these drugs.

What are anticoagulants?

Anticoagulants are a type of drug that slows the creation or growth of blood clots. They are essential because in cases of heart failure, clots often form in the heart or blood vessels.

Normally, we hear that they fluidize the blood, but what they actually do is prevent the blood from standing still and clotting where it should not.

What is INR?

A blood test is needed to determine the effect of warfarin in each individual and this is measured as the International Normalized Ratio or INR. The INR is a measure that tells us how long it takes for the blood to clot.

The higher the INR, the longer it takes for the blood to clot. The INR you should be at will depend on the reason you are taking warfarin.

Implantology treatments and anticoagulants

This type of intervention can be considered low bleeding risk (minor surgery) and as a consequence would not require the suspension or modification of the anticoagulant dose. As a general rule, medication is usually resumed 48 to 72 hours after surgery, if it is a high bleeding risk, and 24 hours after surgery, if it is a low bleeding risk. Currently it has been demonstrated that the placement of dental implants is not a contraindication in patients who are taking oral anticoagulant therapy.


  • It is advisable to perform dental surgery in the morning, since the medical team can solve any possible aggravation during the day.
  • It is not recommended to rinse the mouth during the first postoperative day.
  • The diet should be inconsistent and always cold within 24 hours.
  • Do not touch the operated area with your fingers or tongue to prevent possible infections.


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